Aerobatic Tutorials
This website is dedicated to teaching you how to fly aerobatics. I have three sections of 9 full HD video tutorials to guide you on your journey from taking off and landing to performing a prophang and freestyle aerobatics. If you like my videos then please subscribe to me on youTube:
I have chosen to make all of my tutorials free, but they required a considerable amount of time to make and so if you find them helpful then please think about making a small DONATION
Beginner Tutorials
These tutorials cover the basics of flying fixed wing. I recommend you use a trainer style plane to practise these and I will be demonstrating using a Ripmax WOT4 with .40 engine.
Intermediate Tutorials
These tutorials will start you off with some basic aerobatics. You will need to carefully consider which plane to practise these with, I am demonstrating with a Sebart Sukhoi 50E.
Advanced Tutorials
After you master the previous sections you can start to really push your flying to the limits with these advanced tutorials. These manoeuvres are easier to learn with large aircraft, I am using the Extreme Flight Yak 54 88" with a DA50cc.